The sound card integrated into the motherboard. After the memory module pops up at a 30 degree angle, carefully pull it from the slot by the edges. Thank you very much! Could be just loose memory. Is it possible to replace the sound card in this laptop? How do I get this chassy open so I can change the board?

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I believe this motherboard takes Intel Core Duo processors. Keyboarr a lot for the tutorial dude. Is it possible to upgrade the CPU and what kinds of processors do they fit? Try turning on the laptop. If the password is still there, try method 2. Your instructions for how to open this laptop are very helpful but no mention of the touchpad. The sound card integrated into the motherboard. Theoretically, it should also be upgradeable to 4GB.

Take a look at this motherboard for Acer Aspire laptop. Could keybiard memory failure. I have an Aspire Z and my wireless card stopped working. The CMOS battery located under that sign, under the bottom cover. Anyway thanks for your z tutorial as it was quite helpful and your website is great.


When all covers removed, keybooard can access both memory RAM modules, hard drive assembly, cooling fan, wireless card, heat sink and CPU.

Awesum guide dude juz loved it……. Thanks for any help in advance. Should I take out the MB? Used them to dismantel Acer Aspire Great work, very useful, Thank you. I hav an acer aspire very same as above. The problem is that it does not start. The touch pad cable connector located under the keyboard. Most likely attached to the motherboard.

I have a aspirez and when u power it on the power button lights up but the screen is still black as if I didnt turn it on keyboar can I get it to come on? While shorting it, turn on the laptop. Try removing memory modules one by one.

How to disassemble Acer Aspire z – Inside my laptop

I have noe idea anymore! It has a Phoenix bios, therefore Looking at beeps error code for phoenix bios I think of likely failure is Initialize Power Management.


One thing i observed is that when the laptop is turned on the brown metal 5160z to the left of the cooling fan becomes very hot in seconds. Now when I turn it on I can get to the ACER screen and then nothing, when you push the f2 all you do is wait and nothing. Try removing memory one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed.

If the laptop turns on but there is no image on the internal or external screens, check memory modules. It does not keep time and date anymore.

Keyboard for Acer Aspire 5100 5610 5610z 5680 5500 Series Black US

I called it Blank cover and removed it too. Never mindI sorted it with some bits of cardboard and gaffer tape. Try reseating both memory modules.