Probably the same check as the one that is done while rating the computer. Is there any way I can get the GPS setup to work on load without having to run the switch application? Good luck with the GSM connection and let us know how it works! Anonymous January 23, at 2: That is really a must to me when using it in the car! It has already leaked:

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I don’t think it will be easy to find something like this on r2 sites. I also tried adjusting “Window color”, but there is no taskbar option in there. The guys and girls from Microsoft really did a great job here!

Rudi Hendrix February 1, at 3: No, an older version of the software will certainly not work. Asis Dar3 January 24, at Windows Sandbox djasDec 19,in forum: Tried it myself and Vista and it worked fine, I dont’ think though it’s a flaw in the system, but more related to device drivers.

ASUS R2H Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

I’m looking for Dutch speech recognition software. I have the feeling this is happening for some other programs as well. Very good Rudi, very good – there was rumours that a W7 Release Candidate was going to be released sometime in April, but that may be verywell postponed. Rudi Hendrix July 20, at 7: Another thing I wjn7 today is to run the “Rate computer’s performance” wizard, but it returned an error.


Dan, I did enable the logging of WLM, but I wasn’t able to find a relation between the disconnecting and something in asys logging. Guess it’s time to start tweaking!

Asus Drivers Download

Rudi Interesting stuff with the mobile devices – W7 is supposed to improve experience with connected devices printers, mobile phones, mp3 players etcespecially when the manufacturers will start providing drivers to take advantage of the new features – it’s called Device Stage. So in those cases I accidentally click the program in the taskbar again, which starts a new instance.

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Rudi Hendrix January 23, at 1: Dave May 12, at 8: Reading the docs, rather than allowing for memory memory, probably the “Fixed” mode would provide for better peformance, if that’s not the default mode already Answer to second post: I dont know why – in xp it was working – it took about 10 min before it found satellites Rudi Hendrix August 9, at 9: For testing purposes I just pulled the awus from a P2P network.

It was about where the BCD store goes, system drive vs active winn7 and all that stuff and why it could break. In goes into sleep fine but when you hit the power button to wake it up, the power light comes on solid blinks when sleeping and the fan comes on but that’s it If you browse to it you can see what it should look like.


I’m looking for a way to run some kind of Aero experience, because I want to change the color of the task bar and get rid of the standard task bar.

Dan Dar3: Windows 7 beta on ASUS R2H

On the other hand, I don’t see the advantage really, for example for ass screen of x x 32 bits it needs 1. BSOD with enabled aero.

So we’ll just have to live with it. Dan Dar3 March 17, at But further it works like a charm! You could probably buy it and install it when it’s out or upgrade from Vista, but I doubt ASUS will provide much support or new drivers for W7, you’ll wib7 basically on your own, but not alone .