In the Tasman Series which followed the month after this race Youl was the most successful of the locals. So was Bib on his day. Soon Repco were making Climax parts and eventually building the engines in totality under licence in Australia. He was appointed as a dealer for MG, Morris and Jaguar and the Dealership was quickly recognised for excellence in sales and service. Not sure how he fared in the Sportscar events, click hear for a feature I wrote about him and the Lotus a little while back;.

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In a previous post I have mentioned that Moss really only stillwelll his sublime skill during the AGP when it began to rain with just six laps to go. Cooper T51 Coventry Climax. The second generation of the family have continued the passion whilst expanding and changing the business to further meet the demands of automotive consumers.

Bib Stillwell & Stillwell Motor Group

SMG combines strong community links stillwelll Ronald McDonald House, education, and dealer sponsorships, with clearly articulated family values. The Stillwell Motor Group was a family business from the start. The Stillwell Motor Group has been built on a strong set of company and family values, and this focus remains its foundation as the organization continues to successfully navigate the changing modern automotive industry.

The 19B donated its gearbox and some other minor components to the Elfin build. See the links at the articles end to view some of them. Visit us at www.


Bib Stillwell born Bermar Sellars Stillwell [1] on 31 July in MelbourneAustralia was a racing driver who was active in Australian motor racing from to The Intercontinental cars were typically fast Tauranac designs of the period.

Note reinforced wide based top front wishbone and rubber mounted ball joint, inverted wishbone at the top and single lower link in the rear suspension. In the Tasman Series which followed the month after this race Youl stlllwell the most successful of the locals.

All Results of Bib Stillwell

He won the race the year before at Longford in the 19B but for the field had greater depth. The contributions of Ray Bell and Bryan Miller are specifically acknowledged. Our focus is on customer service and ownership experience that reflect the passion, performance and attention to detail which bkb been hallmarks of our business since its founding.

Retrieved from ” https: Stillwell was awarded an Order of Australia Medal posthumously, in January There is little doubt a 2. Bib and his mechanic Gerry Brown are giving the car a shove. It was a race FM rated as one of his best.

The story goes something like this. SMG is in a solid position to build on its first 65 years of operation and to remain a professional and successful modern business. In spite of the hour, note the huge crowd at Jaguar corner. But the Lotus shared the Matich transporter with the Brabham on the journey north to fettle the car in preparation for the ATT in November.


Company Profile

This is still a controversial decision in the view of objective observers all these years later- he was punished a minute for his alleged misdemeanour. Jack bibb Bib swapping notes Longford in An unknown car exhibiting the disadvantages of a swing rear axle system. Repco Brabham BT14 Ford. Sincethe Stillwell Family Board has overseen Stillwell Family investment decisions and governance, while the Stillwell Motor Group Board, which has extensive experience in automotive and other industries, has focused solely on operational issues and business biv.

That beautiful, clever beastie to the left is Tornado 2 Racjngthe yellow Cooper in the background is Aussie Millers T He was appointed as a dealer for MG, Morris and Jaguar and the Dealership was quickly recognised for excellence in sales and service.

Stillwell retired from motor racing at the end of the season. Suspension- inverted upper wishbone, single lower link and twin radius rods for location, coil spring damper units, no rear roll bar here. Pirelli Stelvio tyres BTW- photo is that sharp!

Bib Stillwell founded his business in with the financial backing of his mother Marion, and his burgeoning success as a successful racing driver.