FootJoy Golf Clothing [-]. But I sure do like the way it looks, after getting used to the current Cally drivers, this would be a welcome change. At first the shape was a little difficult to take, but after several pokes with this big boy it is easy to get used to. My god, was i impressed. The TH stands for the tour hosel that wasn’t on the standard FT Posted 19 April –

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Face sits petty square.

Total Items in Cart: Two great clubs but for me the ft5 comes out on top as the one that I will be keeping It is a worthy up grade of an already very good club , The ft5 is one very good driver and at last the serch is finially over ,.

I am a slicer and had been playing Cobra off sets and Taylor Burner with a draw bias.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

This driver will stay in my bag for a long time. While I was on the range another guy was testing out his newly bought TaylorMade Burner non-TP model with the stock authenitc.

I watch Red Sox and Patriots. This designation ensures the actual buyer is reviewing the purchased item.

Callaway Ft-9 Tour Authentic Neutral Driver Deg Diamana 73 X-stiff a | eBay

When I didn’t hook it, I was about 20 yards shorter than the FT If you catch one flush with the driver, it is nearly as long as the FT-5, thanks to that extra three-quarters of an inch in shaft length.

  INTEL 3945 WLAN 802.11A/G DRIVER

It has the performance you expect from a top-of-the-line driver, and has enough options to make it appeal to nearly any level of golfer. On faded shots the ball carried to about the yard marker and bounced another yards into the high grass. This is similar to the FT-3, while the original Fusion driver had an exposed weave to its composite body which I still think looks cool. I noticed that teeing the ball higher with the FT-i has also helped compared to teeing very low with with the GBB.

But at address, this driver is all business. I first had the 10 deg draw with stock stiff, but was hooking it way too much.

I am desperate for a driver since I don’t have one but I wouldn’t get this one The Zeider driver is shorter hitting and more accurate than the Ping the former’s the one on which I based that or so yards.

Taylor Made M3 I think the combination of strong callawsy, the softer tip shaft required to put the ball in the air, and fifteen extra yards would widen my shot dispersion beyond the boundaries with which I could be comfortable.

We have also taken steel or graphite shafts in to consideration at this level. My swing speed is about 95Mph.


Posted 22 May – The Burner felt really good too me. However, the height of the clubface bothered me.

Callaway Tour Authentic FT-5 Driver

As an FT-3 player, the FT-5 is authentkc step forward, but probably not enough to justify buying a new driver if you still like the previous model which I really do.

Hitting the two drivers head-to-head, the FT-5 was consistently five yards longer than the FT-3 on center hits and misses. The FT-i left looks unique from every angle, while the FT-5 right has a much more traditional profile.

With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc.

To really be a hot shot in golf, you need to take any two clubs under consideration out on the course. I love the feel and the looks of it.

Here is the list of potential trade bait He says the the specs, weights etc.

Callaway FT-5 9.5 TH

Is it really coming? Posted 19 June – I know that there is a new shaft but is there a new clubhead as well? GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.