The pectab table downloads from PC to the printer at the UTS session open time and manages ticket printing. In other printers, these settings are controlled by the dip switch settings. Default color – NAVY. It is intended for accumulation structured on to fields of the ticket of the information about printed tickets automatic and manual ticketing with breakdown on the given periods day, week, month, year. Set 24 lines for 4-inch tickets.

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Setup characters color for terminal window.

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All settings from main session will be inherited by child sessions. Click on New button in Sessions page. Sessions setting is described below.

Each month new directory is created. In other printers, these settings are controlled by the dip switch settings. It is intended for saving of all configuration files and data and for restoring of the saved data. Each Blank defines type of the printer and parameters for printing the tickets – shift from top, form lines, and left matgin. If the password is entered correctly, blocking will be removed also the button will pass in condition Unlocked.


Screen size in lines count for given PID.

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The following are standard Ticketing Pectab formats. Special control characters which are described below can be inserted into the text. Any comment which will be displayed in heading of a terminal window. Enter the necessary values into fields of the form and click compuprlnt Save button for saving or click on Cancel button. After that, the data in pages Sessions, Log and others compurint be changed.

For removal of blocking of changes the button state is Locked it is necessary to click on ” Locked” button and in the opened window to enter correct password. Terminal session is Gabriel booking screen.

PRN session receives messages from Gabriel and are printed out to the Windows printer. It is the only field, which can be changed for TI printer type. It is additional vertical shift of the ocmpuprint before printing text of ticket. This CSV comma separated values file can be used for loading into Excel or into database. Refer to the printer manufactures manual to determine these values.



It is important for standard Epson-compatible printers. Include separator lines for ptinting from the screen of session.

This printer for screen printing only. Then select Printers page in window Session settings. Blank size is tickets size in lines. Terminal Sessions admit a keyboard input. Select in the session list a line of the appropriate session and press button Edit or double click on selected line.

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It can be used that session was not closed after hours of waiting input from compupritn. From this session sends commands for obtaining of the information for the schedule, places presence, booking and etc.

After ” – ” sign must be any characters for child session identification. Load standard setup UTS Access 6 program from http: Save Save config files and data into selected directory. At correct double input of the password – the button will pass in condition Locked and changes are blocked.