Box Jackson, WY So, I actually played this past Friday. I do like it I probably swing 3 days a week in the winter 20 times per use. The thought occurred to me that, ‘Hey, I’ve got one of those, maybe I should start swinging it too’. Men should also doff their chapeaus when in the company of women, even in non-public elevators, I suppose.

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This makes no sense whatsoever. I think that’s a good drill for learning how to use your big muscles, and strengthen them, over such a little movement, while also learning to keep your hands very quiet. For the two weeks leading up to the British Open, I carried the Momentus Swing Trainer around with me from tournament to tournament, but I never swung it or used it.

I also purchased that Rick Smith Training Glove with the hinge across the back of the wristas “cupping” my wrist at the top is probably my biggest flaw. I noticed my ball striking began to significantly improve after using the Momentus Swing Trainer.

Momentus Golf Dirt50c Indoor Driver RH Training Grip | eBay

Does practicing with a weighted club really help you that much? Indopr 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I played about a month ago, we got a really nice day. I’m self-taught and have full confidence in my swing, inasmuchas I’m athletic, pretty strong and have always had really good rhythm. I hadn’t been using the Momentus but occasionally, and I hit the ball just OK but pretty well considering the layoff. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not intended for hitting balls, at least not as designed i.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I hadn’t hit a ball in about a month. In the last year or two, I’ve made some significant strides in my own understanding of how to strike the ball much better.

I also own an old wooden fairway wood with lead tape and a grip trainer on it. Hat etiquette in general is confusing, to say the least.

Plus, it was at a very hilly course that I’ve only played once before. Sign in Already have an account? What I would caution though is that whatever motion you make with this device WILL be ingrained in your muscle memory.

Answer this question honestly: Fall colors pre peak. My first question is, why must we doff the beanie at the end of the round when we shake hands with our mates?

Eliminate the worry that comes from swinging a golf club inside the house. Then we go into the clubhouse for a little Earl Grey and crumpets, and again we have to doff the headpiece. I can definately feel when my swings are out of whack.

Momentus Golf Dirt50c Indoor Driver RH Training Grip

On the Thursday of the week of the British Open, I was in the lockerroom and noticed a prominent player swinging his Momentus Swing Trainer. Here, it’s the “unloading” of the weight that helps, whereas if you don’t idnoor those shoulders uncoiling, the weighted club will kinda hurt your wrists.


The thought occurred to me that, ‘Hey, I’ve got one of those, maybe I should start swinging it too’. See our huge selection of golf cartsgolf ballsgolf driversgolf giftsgolf shoesgolf irons, golf accessories, golf bagsgolf puttersgolf wedges, hybrid golf clubsgolf apparelladies golf equipmentgolf push carts and golf tips.

I think, for what isn’t really a lot of money relative to a new driver or putterit’s going to be a very solid muscle memory exerciser and help ingrain some solid basic motions. However, I definitely noticed mojentus simpler feel to my swing and, after a long hiatus, began hitting my irons well again.

Momentus Indoor, Golf Training Aids & Swing Trainers at

All in all, and I can’t imagine I’m unique, it truly does seem to discourage a lot of my “fatal flaws” while encouraging a simple, sound swing plane and building the golf swing muscles. Brian Peck 27 years old. I thought this would be a good add-on to the Momentus. With that weight up behind your shoulders, it’s hard to start pulling it with your hands, my other big fault.